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Technology & Software Audit

With over 50 years of combined experience, SWYM engineers have developed a quantitative process to evaluate the real-world quality of electronics design, firmware, software and supporting documentation.

As key stakeholders for developing robust and reliable technology, SWYM requires an audit on all preexisting technology to assess quality. SWYM wants to leverage as much previous work as we can but building a house on a bad foundation will always have problems in the long-term. As consultants, SWYM wants to advise a course of action to produce the most reliable solution with the least amount of cost.

Turnkey Functional Prototyping

At SWYM, we take pride in our ability to turn theory into real-world applications. Reliable solutions require thorough testing through as many testing environments as possible. Our development workflow allows us to go from the theoretical to the practical.

We work closely with our clients to bring their product idea to life through initial prototypes. This involves defining customer expectations and the feature set which provides a path for us to follow when designing electronics, firmware and software. The end result is a working prototype that is ready to show investors and customers.

SWYM eliminates the guesswork in engineering and hands you the results with confidence to move forward.

Path to Manufacturing

Scaling manufacturing to sell to the masses is a collection of daunting tasks that SWYM
wants to help you with. We provide our extensive experience with vendors, manufacturers, and shippers to help you avoid the pitfalls.

The biggest difficulties that we’ve
seen in the scaling process are:

  • Evaluating supply chain
  • Selecting components to be supported over the product lifetime
  • Finding reliable manufacturers
  • Designing and obtaining packaging
  • Coordinating the shipment of components and products
  • Verifying required certifications

At SWYM, we go through these steps on the regular. Let the SWYM Team help you get
ready by breaking down this challenge into meaningful, easier-to-manage steps.

Technical Support

Part of SWYM’s dedication to excellence is providing support of a product after completion of the project. SWYM wants to make sure your product is successful throughout the lifetime of the device. A number of products need additional software updates to ensure stability years after initial release. The trained applications engineers at SWYM commit to providing responses and solutions in a timely manner.

Hardware Partner

SWYM specializes in small form factor sensors that report information to a smartphone. This means that you can start a project with SWYM where we can apply our internally developed technology and save you the risk of Research and Development.

For qualified projects, all we need is an initial down payment and a contract signed for a Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ) and we’ll deliver the hardware to you with long term support!

Technology Development Coaching

At SWYM, we know that making the decisions for your product is a difficult process to manage. Every decision has trade-offs and consequences. We help break down the pros and cons at each step of the decision-making process in order to help you protect your bottom line. We advise on how each decision may effect budget, timeline, and end user experience.

You can count on us to help you make the best decisions for your product and your consumers.

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